Opponents of SARA Point to For-Profit Educators. But 94% of SARA-Approved Institutions Are Non-Profits – ElearningInside News

In January, the Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI) released a report titled “Failing U” which asked “Do state laws protect our veterans and other students from for-profit postsecondary predators?” Their answer was a resounding ‘No.’ The report graded each state for seven different factors which determined whether government policy placed sufficient protections against for-profit educators. These More Info »

Thruline Marketing Releases Fourth Annual Higher Education Industry Benchmarks Report

Higher education continues to face immense changes in the marketplace, along with increasing competition and evolving student behavior. To help schools navigate this landscape, Thruline Marketing has released its fourth annual higher education benchmarks report. The 2018 Benchmarks shows the latest marketing, enrollment and occupation trends shaping higher education through in-depth analysis of their exclusive More Info »

Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #112 – Correcting Reported GE Program Data Prior to Distribution of Draft GE Completers Lists – IFAP

We intend to create Draft Gainful Employment (GE) Completers Lists later this spring and distribute those lists to institutions. To reduce the number of corrections that institutions must submit to the Draft GE Completers List during the 45-day corrections period, we strongly encourage institutions to review previously-reported GE Program data and make any necessary changes More Info »

Why States Should Abandon the ‘Free College’ Movement – National Review

Subsidies reduce motivation, distort the education market, and often end up reducing students’ motivation. The “free college” movement, fueled to a large degree by Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential bid, is a response to concerns about increasing college-tuition rates, concomitant stagnation in state and federal grants, and a corresponding student-loan debt load that has More Info »

Educators Tend to Forget That Most Online Students Still Live Near Campus – ElearningInside News

In the past several years, a trend has emerged in U.S. universities. Many institutions—often those with mandates to serve state populations—have taken concerted actions to make a wide swath of their course offerings available online. In doing so, they hope to make their degrees, which were previously intended for a local populations, available for online More Info »

The Week Ahead in Education Politics: DeVos Testifying on Ed Funding, the House Talks Apprenticeships, Dems Eye School Safety & More – the 74

Sen. Lamar Alexander said earlier this month that more money could be coming through Education Department grants known as Title II, which pay for teacher training and salaries, and Title IV, a catchall provision for school funding programs. Other funding could come through Department of Justice grants. Also on the calendar: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos More Info »

The Reinvention of City Colleges of Chicago

In a new book, Cheryl Hyman discusses her controversial seven-year stint as chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago, including her attempt to improve its low graduation rates. In 2010, Cheryl Hyman was a shining example of what City Colleges of Chicago could do for its students. A Chicago native, raised in the city’s housing projects, More Info »

Secretary DeVos Announces New Support for Wildfire Impacted Schools in California

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today new federal assistance for students and schools impacted by the October 2017 California wildfires. The California Department of Education will receive $2 million in Project SERV funds to aid in their recovery efforts. According to education officials in California, the award will specifically help to fund portable More Info »