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DeVos: Obama Administration ‘Failed Miserably’ at Improving Education

Despite feeling the sting of criticism in the “mainstream media,” U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos unleashed a critique of her own against the Obama administration Thursday for spending money on a failed effort to turn around the nation’s schools. “The previous administration spent seven billion of your dollars on ‘School Improvement Grants,’ thinking they More Info »

The Role of the Admissions Office in Restoring Public Trust in Career Colleges

By Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner, Norton|Norris, Inc.
The change in the White House may offer the private, proprietary college sector some hope for fairness, but let’s not waste this opportunity. Regaining public trust is mandatory in securing the future of career colleges.


Healthcare Students Learn With Virtual Reality

Written from an interview with Yasith Weerasuriya, President, Stanbridge University
Stanbridge University’s new Virtual Reality lab is allowing students, using a stylus and 3-D glasses, to virtually ‘lift’ an object off a screen, manipulate and adjust to see it at different angles, and magnify for fine details. Students can also dissect layers and components of a model for a deeper understanding of interconnectivity.

Analysis of the Impact of Career Colleges and Universities in the U.S. Labor Market

2016 Proprietary Higher Education Review: “Have you Tried Rebooting?”

By Tony Guida, Partner, Education Group of Duane Morris LLP
The 2016 presidential election was the equivalent of a “reboot” of the political landscape and creates an opportunity for a more predictable and prosperous future for the proprietary education sector. While rebooting works surprisingly well to fix problems for technology, the when, the how, and maybe even the why of the fixes for the sector will not be known until well into 2017.

Make the Department of Education Fair Again: An Open Letter to our Next Secretary of Education