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Should the federal government be in the business of telling consumers what’s a good or bad college? (LinkedIn Post)

Last week the Obama administration announced an update to the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard, its signature resource for helping consumers shop for a higher education. Tucked into that announcement was a small, but pretty significant change that’s largely escaped public notice: a move beyond just giving people information about colleges like how much More Info »

The DOL’s New Overtime Rule: How Schools Need to Prepare

By Matthew I. Penfield, Esq., Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C.
The new federally mandated minimum salary level for certain employees exempt from minimum wage and overtime provisions goes into effect Dec. 1, 2016. Are you ready?

Bouncing Forward: A Study of Career Colleges and their Resilience

By Dr. Kathryn Fox Frisbie, Vice President, MMI Consulting/MMI Placement Verification
This research measured the organizational resilience of 65 independent career colleges to determine if resilience was linked to the enrollment fluctuations common in this sector from 2010 through 2012. Actionable recommendations are provided for college leaders to build up their resilience.


7 Characteristics of a Rock Star Rep and How to Transfer Those Attributes to the Rest of Your Team

By Gregg Meiklejohn, Co-founder/CEO, and Joe Girard, Director of Admissions Performance Institute, Enrollment Resources Inc.
In today's ever changing world of admissions at for-profit schools, there are certain skills, attitudes, and behaviors that the Rockstar Reps possess. In this article, we show you how these reps succeed, and how this can be transferred to the rest of your teams.

Getting Your College Admissions Team to the Championship – Part 2

Turning Strangers into Students™ (and Advocates) – A Study on Inbound Marketing and Recruitment in Higher Education (Part 1)

By Dr. Jean Norris, Norton|Norris, Inc., Managing Partner, and Linda Ganster, Managing Partner, The Grandview Group
Recently, a former school owner and advocate of career colleges stated, “The timing on the recovery of the for-profit sector is in direct correlation to fixing the problem in admissions.”

Process-Based Curriculum Development