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NEH on the Chopping Block?

Report that first Trump budget will try to kill arts and humanities endowments alarms many academics. Science programs in Energy Department could also face cuts. Reports circulated Thursday, the day before the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States, that his first budget would propose the elimination of the National Endowment More Info »

The Top 10 Higher Education Issues We All Agree On

Last Monday an organization we hold in high regard, the New America Foundation, posted a piece comparing Republicans who defend for-profit colleges to climate change deniers. There are two fundamental problems with this strain of argument. The first is that while there’s only one climate (which is changing), there are thousands of for-profit colleges, some More Info »

Ultimate Medical Academy is Hiring and Plans to Fill Dozens of Faculty and Staff Positions in 2017

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) is preparing to hire dozens of faculty and staff members in 2017 who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the next generation of healthcare professionals. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Tampa, UMA, a nonprofit healthcare educational institution, has more than 30,000 alumni and employs more than More Info »

Treatment of Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program Loans When a Borrower Asserts a Defense to Repayment

Summary: This letter provides lenders and guaranty agencies participating in the FFEL Program (collectively referred to herein as “FFEL loan holders”) with additional details about two provisions of the recently finalized borrower defense regulations – 34 CFR 682.211(I)(7) and 34 CFR 682.410(b)(6)(viii). This letter also outlines the process FFEL loan holders will follow to implement More Info »

DeVry University Launches Innovative Extended Classrooms

An innovator in higher education since 1931, DeVry University has developed connected-classroom technology to reinvent the student learning experience. In one of DeVry’s 24 new extended classrooms, students experience a virtual learning community that goes beyond on-campus and online courses, joining together students from campuses across the country. Using an innovative suite of connected-classroom technologies, More Info »

President Trump

As the 45th president is inaugurated, background on his campaign, his stated policies toward higher education and the deep concerns of many in academe. Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated today as the 45th president of the United States. Here is a backgrounder on the new president and higher education. The Campaign Late in the More Info »

A Sense of Belonging

Study finds completing a 10-minute activity at the beginning of a MOOC can lead to significantly improved outcomes for certain at-risk learners. Assuring learners from less developed countries that they belong and encouraging them to share their core values can help them succeed in online courses, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford More Info »