Verifiable Placement Rates: Strategies for Compliance and Success

By Elizabeth Keifer Herron, Solutions Executive, Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS) Obtaining and maintaining accurate and verifiable job placement information is a critical component of institutional operations in today’s regulatory environment. It is critical to deploy new strategies to ensure your publicized placement rates are accurate and verifiable.

Developing and Managing a Personal Brand

Latest Research in Cognitive Science, Impact on Retention and Completion

By Scott Fitzgibbon, Ed.D., The Pacific Institute Education Initiative
In order to break the self-fulfilling prophecy of educational failure, it takes a conscious effort not to slip back into our old Habits, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Expectations (HABEs) of thinking and behaving. It takes a deliberate process of goal-setting and effort (and our assistance) to establish the new HABEs until they replace the old ones.

Student Success is 10 STEPs Away!

What Impact Will the DOE’s Recent Amendment Have on Your Course Materials Processes?

By Bruce Schneider, Director of Business Engineering, Ambassador Education Solutions
A new DOE ruling has higher education institutions rethinking their bookstore and course material models in order to satisfy opt-out compliance policies when materials are provided to students automatically as part of tuition.

Are you Ready for a Costly Lawsuit? Compliance for Email Marketing

Life and Death Matters

Interview by Stephen B. Friedheim, Strategic Coach, Education Systems & Solutions, Chair, CER Advisory Board
Hospice is not just a place or a program, but a philosophy of care. Friedheim interviewed Katherine Murray who has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge and experience with others in the healthcare arena.

Online Delivery: Silver Bullet or Potential Trap? And What Questions any Institution of Higher Education Should be Asking