DeVos Outlines Vision for ‘American Education’


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has outlined in the most specific terms to date her vision and policy priorities for education in the United States.

In a document uploaded to the Federal Register and scheduled to be published Thursday, the Department of Education details 11 proposed priorities for use in competitive grant programs that “reflect the Secretary’s vision for American education.”

DeVos previously has emphasized many of the priorities in various speeches, visits to schools and actions she’s directed the department to take, which have included pushes to increase school choice, reduce red tape and return decision-making to states and local school districts.

But the new list provides a more holistic view of her priorities.

“In order to support and strengthen the work that educators do every day in collaboration with parents, advocates, and community members, the Secretary proposes 11 priorities and related definitions for use in discretionary grant programs that are in place today or may exist in the future,” the document reads.

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