Women in Business Q&A: Ruth Veloria, Executive Dean, School of Business, University of Phoenix


Ruth Veloria was appointed as the Executive Dean, for the School of Business, University of Phoenix in December 2013. In this role she is responsible for the School P & L and all key process from enrollment to graduation, including curriculum development.

Formerly, Ruth was Vice President of Client Services at Charles Schwab Co. She joined Schwab as a Vice President of Corporate Strategy. Ruth began her career in Management Consulting; she was a principal at the Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco and a business analyst at Booz & Co, in London.

Ruth has an M.M. degree from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Evanston, Illinois, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from New College, Oxford University, England.

What fuels Ruth’s passion every day, is her determination to create an environment that offers the finest possible student experience at University of Phoenix; and that students graduate ready to tackle the job requirements of their chosen professions.

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