4 reasons why mobile is making unprecedented gains in student recruiting


How college and university digital marketing can take the next step in student recruitment-successfully.

Universities around the world rely heavily on traditional marketing strategies—direct mail, college fairs, physical ads in public transit, billboards, campus visits and other antiquated best practices—to attract candidates to their programs. Despite the advent of the internet, big data and the mobile revolution, higher ed recruiting has remained unchanged for decades.

Few universities have begun to invest in digital marketing to build brand awareness or increase program penetration, despite the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, social media initiatives and email marketing campaigns.

With the emergence and growing popularity of new online and mobile media, marketing strategies for higher educational institutions are in need of a complete overhaul.

Social media falls directly under the umbrella of digital marketing, as it requires consistency of keywords, ongoing analysis of competitors and strategic timing of relevant and engaging content. Research from Ruffalo Noel Levitz shows that 15.7 percent of private universities and 16.9 percent of public universities employ just one person whose job focuses solely on social media.

This is a staggeringly low number given that 67 percent of students use social media to help select a university and 75 percent indicate social media as a major influence on their college choices. Social media marketing allows universities to better reach their target applicants through look-alike modeling, retargeting efforts and segmented demographic messaging; yet, due to the slow pace of technology adoption, most schools simply do not take advantage of these opportunities.

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